WV Bureau of Senior Services

Disease Prevention and Management

The Bureau of Senior Services partners with the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health to coordinate arthritis activities in West Virginia. Exercise classes for those with arthritis are offered at the Bureau of Senior Services’ office on a regular basis. The Bureau also partners with Public Health to increase seniors’ knowledge about asthma and osteoporosis. Additionally, the Bureau is part of Mountains of Hope, a comprehensive cancer control coalition working to increase access to cancer information and resources while promoting awareness and education.

The Bureau is active in the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program and has certified staff trained to instruct participants in the program on how to deal not only with their chronic disease symptoms but also with the impact chronic disease has on their lives. It has been found that participants in the Stanford program have improved their healthful behaviors and health status, and decreased the length of hospital stays.

For health and drug information, go to MedLine Plus, which is sponsored by the U.S. National Library of Medicine (the world's largest medical library); interactive tutorials are also available. The American Lung Association also offers "Lung Disease Alphabetical Listing," an excellent disease index.