WV Bureau of Senior Services

SHIP (Medicare Counseling)

West Virginia SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program), begun in 1992, provides free, objective, and confidential help to West Virginia Medicare beneficiaries and their families who need information about their Medicare benefits, Medicare supplement plans and monthly rate comparisons (updated November 2021), long-term care insurance plans, and help with paying Medicare costs.

West Virginia SHIP is part of a national network of state health insurance assistance programs, which receive financial assistance from the Administration for Community Living.

West Virginia SHIP has a statewide toll free number (1-877-987-4463) that anyone can call to receive expert advice from a SHIP counselor. SHIP will also provide educational workshops for consumers or professional groups who need more information understanding Medicare benefits. For more information about West Virginia SHIP, please contact the SHIP State Director at 1-877-987-4463 or contact the SHIP program online.

Please visit the SHIP website at www.wvship.org.